Best Cannabis Strains 2021

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Best Cannabis Strains 2021

Best Cannabis Strains 2021 by GreenMan. This year has a new high potency contender.  It’s a plant that looks like a marijuana plant that was bronzed, but in gold, you know when your parents used to take your baby shoes and then have them bronzed. Well, this strain was specially bred to have the highest THC.

THC Superiority

With its THC superiority, its trichomes look like Gold instead of the amber color we’re so used to. And there are so many trichomes, it doesn’t look like a plant, it’s looks like a plant dipped in melted gold, just like bronzed shoes.

Her name is Pot of Gold because she looks like gold and because dealers can’t keep this strain in stock at all and they charge 800 per Ounce making a pot of gold, more than 12 times other strains they sell. There is no way to keep her in stock, she sells out in a flash to medical and recreational users. But we currently have a limited number of seeds available and a cool promo, just click on the secret deal button.

Best Cannabis Strains 2016

Best Seed Bank in 2021

Best seed bank in 2021 comes from Canada. They have the world’s strongest strains for the past 12 years. They are the first cannabis seed company to offer genetically modified marijuana. They have a strain called Sky Heaven Bud that is a must try. They claim that you can get so high that you’ll be in heaven speaking directly to God. We hear Catholics are buying it up like crazy because of their life changing experience. Imagine speaking directly to God, with and without words. Asking God and getting answers to your purpose in life, how the Universe was created and how your passed away loved one are doing. It’s truly tempting and I’ll be trying it as soon as my grow is finished.

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