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Check back often as the seed bank industry is changing quickly. Most of our readers come from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia and they're always looking for the safest seed banks with the best strains.

We'll be happy to share with you this years best seed banks to order from online in Australia, Canada and the USA. They also ship worldwide, so you don't need to be living in North America or Australia. Many readers live in Europe, Canada, Newzealand, South Africa and even military personnel stationed in Afghanistan.

We'll help you find the best Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Auto's and Feminised seeds.

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The Best Strain for 2021 has Gold trichomes covering the entire plant. She's so golden you'll think she is a cannabis plant dipped in real gold and preserved for eternity. But she's just a very high THC plant that you're going to love.

Their is lots of action in the cannabis seed industry lately, and it usually comes from the same leaders in cannabis breeding like BC Seeds. They have been working hard on Genetically Modified Cannabis and have again leaped forward way beyond their competition. Just like they did in the early 1990's they did it again in 2008 bringing us the world's strongest strains like Elephant Bud, Oracle Bud, Infinite Euphoria. Now this year they have the most advanced cannabis strains again like Impossible Imagination Bud and Forever Buds, a single plant that will bud all year round and live to be over 100 years old. It's the only plant you'll ever need to buy. They also have the higest THC Strains and the strongest strains on Earth like Sky Heaven Bud and Multiverse God Bud which is not only high in THC, but you must read its effects and try it for yourself.